Meet Our
Team of Girls

Having a good temperament is the most important quality in our momma cows. Each one of these beauties adds something special to our herd but being safe and easy to work with is a must!



Scarlet is the matriarch of our herd. Beautiful and sweet as they come. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Scarlet.  She is such a good momma!


Nala is as fuzzy as they come with a super funny personality. She is going to throw babies with lots of hair and nice stocky bodies.


There are some calves you just can’t let go of and that is Zoey for me. She is Scarlet’s calf from 2021. She is beautiful, black and puppy-dog-friendly. She is expecting her first calf in April 2024.


Lollie is a yellow Miniature Highland we purchased from “Two Cow Tribe” in Montana. Her father is Duncan from “Ravenwood Farm”  She is expecting her first calf in March 2024


Brownie has it all…. amazing hair, a nice small frame and a baby doll head that she hands down to all her calves! They don’t come any cuter than Brownie.


Willow is a Silver Highland with tons of hair & a nice personality. Her first calf is due in 2024 and to say I’m excited would be an understatement!


Gerty, is also a sister to Brownie… We added her to our herd because she is a tank.  Her short, boxy build is exactly what we want in our herd and her coat is to die for!


Dixie is absolutely beautiful! This little White Park/Dexter cross is going to produce some stunning babies for us!


Gizmo is Brownie’s Sister…. We purchased her because we love Brownie’s genetics… Gizmo’s first calf was a gorgeous red tipped Highpark heifer calf.  


Spice is Willow’s sister. She is a beautiful dun color.  She has a great personality and is expecting her first calf in 2024.


Ivy is 100% Galloway and carries the Wild Type gene… We are so excited to see what she produces when crossed with our bulls.  Her first calf is due in 2024.



Little Pixie… Younger sister to Dixie… same breeding, same markings but the sweetest lil heifer ever!


Tink came to us from friends who were breeding Lowline cattle. She was just so tiny I couldn’t resist… she and Izzy had a beautiful black tipped heifer calf in 2023.  


We were lucky enough to secure Lilly… She is a full sister to Willow and we couldn’t be happier! She has Willow’s amazing hair and super sweet personality.


Ginger has personality plus and is really well put together. We are looking forward to seeing her babies in the years to come!


Britt joins us from Darby MT.  This stunning British White will add many beautiful HighPark calves to our herd over the years to come!

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Girl Gang

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Baby Calf Temper Tantrum

Ever had one of those days?

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Baby Calf Temper Tantrum

Ever had one of those days?