Calves Sold in 2023

We are not the largest breeders, but we take a lot of pride in the calves we offer for sale by breeding the best to the best. Here are the calves that we sold in 2023



Gizmo knocked it out of the park with her first calf! Bailey is our first ever Highpark calf and we couldn’t be happier! She is perfect and living her best life in Oregon.


Everyone meet Tanks new Brother Fireball… he has Tanks amazing curls only in a bigger package.  He is the sweetest calf I think we have ever had and headed to Texas where he will have a herd of his own girls!


Whiskey is a tiny dun bull calf with tons of personality.  He is living near Boise Idaho with the best family a calf could ever ask for!

Previously Sold Calves


Jasper is a gorgeous Silver bull calf….He is perfect!


This was Brownies 1st calf… a tiny little heifer calf who turned into a beautiful black calf. She was as sweet as they come just like her mom!


Lewis was Peanuts 3rd calf. He is dearly loved by his new family in Montana.


Lucky was our first calf ever, although he was born a different ranch. We were so excited to hear of his birth and couldn’t have been happier when we saw his beautiful coloring! 


Smokey: Born January 2022 little Smokey is Brownie’s 2nd calf. Small and perfect! He went to a new home in Southern Idaho and has been shown in 2 shows since leaving our house… he will have a herd of his own soon!


Shorty was our 1st calf to be born on our property. He was Scarlets first born and we were able to watch the whole birth! To say we fell in love would be an understatement!

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Smokey's First Taste of Hay

Mom loves this stuff… not sure why.

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Girl Gang

New heifers since June 2022.

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Baby Calf Temper Tantrum

Ever had one of those days?

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Baby Calf Temper Tantrum

Ever had one of those days?