Care Instructions

Congratulations on purchasing a Miniature Calf from S&S Miniature Highlands!

We appreciate you and we want you and your new calf to have many happy, healthy years together!

We have put together a few suggestions on new calf care, hopefully you will find this helpful. If at any time you have questions please don’t hesitate to call, text or email us! 

1. Please remember the cows are herd animals and they need another cow pal so please have one in place by the time your calf arrives if you don’t already.

2. Travel can be hard on calves, it is always a good idea to keep your new calf in a pen to itself for a few days or weeks after getting it home…if at all possible in an area where he or she can see your other cows. This will give them time to adjust to each other without stressing out your new calf.

3. Your calf should have unlimited access to fresh water at all times. A mineral block or loose minerals is also very important for the health of your new calf.

4. Highland cows do very well on grass hay… we use timothy Hay also. Some people feed their cows Alfalfa, but be very careful to take a few weeks if you are making any adjustments to feed or they can get loose stools or “Bloat” which can be deadly to a cow. No grain supplements are required but I do like to give protein pellets as treats and Protein tubs when your hay isn’t high enough in Protein content.

5. Highland cows are very hardy and have a double coat so they are very well equipped to handle bad weather… hot is harder on your calf than cold is so if you have a shade of some sort for them to get in out of hot weather they will appreciate it.

6. Remember almost everything your calf does when it’s young is adorable. Even though you purchased a mini cow they still grow up and are very strong…. if it’s unacceptable behavior for a full grown cow, it is unacceptable behavior for your calf. Set clear boundaries now and you won’t have an issue later.

7. Cows love to be brushed and you will form a close bond with your calf just by going out every day and brushing him or her… enjoy your calf!